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Matcha, also known as Maccha, is a high quality, fine powdered green tea. This is one of the most popular teas in Japan. Matcha is basically the next best thing to sliced bread. Nathaly and Courtney use it not just for drinking but also for cooking and beauty as well. We recommend our very own Yame Kyushu Gyokuro MatchaMatcha Match Tea in Genmai, Hoji & Sencha or Matcha Green Tea Powder.

We drink about three cups of these teas a day. Not only is it great for weight loss, it also helps boost your metabolism. With Matcha, there are certain tools you need to use to provide you with the BEST experience you’ll ever have. We suggest the following: Bamboo Matcha Whisk(which is used in traditional Japanese ceremonies to mix the matcha and water), Aroma & Tasting Cup SetYixing Gong-Fu Tasting Cup or Glass Tasting Cup…whichever you prefer. If you would rather have a complete set, we have two different sets to choose from. Large Chinese Gong-Fu Tea Ceremony Set #1 or Large Chinese Gong-Fu Tea Ceremony Set#2. These sets are perfect for parties and get-togethers.

There are many recipes for matcha, which include cocktails, smoothies, desserts, meals, and many more! Check out this recipe that we love and so do our families!

Matcha & Dark Chocolate Meringue Cookies

Enjoy this recipe with our Yame Kyushu Gyokuro Matcha Tea to enhance the flavor of the cookies!

We have our very own “Beau-TEA-ful Face Matcha Mask” that we use daily.

While you may not look beautiful with the mask on…what a difference you will see when you take it off. It will make your face smooth and shiny while removing makeup or any residue left on your skin.

TeaVitality’s recipe for “Beau-TEA-ful Face Matcha Mask”

3 tablespoons of plain yogurt
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
1 teaspoon of our Matcha Green Tea Powder

Mix together. Apply to entire face avoiding eye areas. Leave on for 30 miuntes. Rinse off, then apply with your favorite moisturizer.

At TeaVitality, we want you to see that tea isn’t just for drinking but good for our overall health and used in many ways to help our skin or to cook with. We want to know if you have any other interesting uses for matcha. Share your story with us…Live and grow with every cup…


The Cure-ALL Tea you NEED to know about…

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We bet you thought it was green tea…

It’s ROOIBOS…which is pronounced roy-bos, is a red tea that has MANY medicinal properties. The reddish-brown color of the tea is fermented which actually enhances it flavor. It is considered to be the next best thing to green tea. Rooibos is very popular in South Africa which is enjoyed in the same way as black tea. You can add sugar, honey or milk to this delicious tea.

Don’t judge this book by its cover! Just because this tea is caffeine free doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with all the vitamins and minerals you need. Red tea is rich with calcium, copper, maganese, alpha hydroxy, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Natural News wrote an article on this magical tea. Rooibos has been shown to reduce heart disease, have cancer fighting qualities, acts as an anti imflammatory, eases tension, allergies and digestive problems, relieves asthma and eczema, helps with gout sufferers, boosts immune system, soothes those pestering headaches, fights insomnia, strengthens bones and teeth, soothes severe stomach cramps, eases hypertension and lowers blood pressure, has anti-aging properties and many more. Read more on Replace coffee with Rooibos Tea to naturally boost energy and health!

When TeaVitality first stumbled upon Rooibos, Courtney had a horrible cold. She was coughing and had a stuffy nose. She didn’t want to go to the doctor and no over the counter medication was working. She tried everything and just kept getting worse. Nathaly had done some research that day and found that red tea had a lot things going for it. She made her a pot of Rooibos and within the next 2 days…Courtney was feeling much better.

TeaVitality’s absolute favorite red tea is our very own Rooibos Provence Red Tea.  Any time we would have a cold, we would drink this tea and the next day we would feel 100% better. Our Rooibos Provence Red Tea has a mouthwatering blend of lavender, rosehips, dried red and black currants, raisins, rose petals and dried blueberries. Use 1 Tablespoon per 24 – 32 oz pot. Use Boiling (212ºF.) water. Steep for 5 to 7 minutes. We recommend steeping the tea longer than 5-7 minutes for a stronger brew and enhanced flavor. We suggest not to put any sugar or honey in this tea because it’s sweet to begin with.

TeaVitality feels very strongly against going to the doctor or taking medication when you have tea at your fingertips. Why waste your money on visits or pills when you’re making the BEST investment of your life. Teas are cheaper and have been proven to prevent colds, headaches, diseases and many more. So why not invest today money-wise and health-wise…because after all it’s your life and you’re in control…make the right choice. BUY our cure-all Rooibos Provence Red Tea today… Live and grow with every cup…

Welcome ALL avid tea drinkers!!

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Welcome to TeaVitality! Shop for Loose Leaf Tea Online. We offer a wide selection of black teas, green teas, chai teas, red teas, rare/limited teas, herbals teas, darjeeling teas, pu-erh teas, maté teas, ayurvedic teas, blooming teas, teapots, tea mugs, gift sets, local honey, stir straws, natural rock sugars and much more.

Nathaly and Courtney would like to welcome you to our blog. First off, we would like for you to get to know who we are. We are two women on a mission to get people to know the true health benefits of tea.

We started this business not too long ago. We were always avid tea drinkers (and coffee drinkers too) but one day we had this revelation. We woke up one morning and started to feel groggy from the coffee everyday. We switched over to green tea the next morning and felt VERY energized. We continued this routine for the next couple weeks. We realized we were less tired, more vitalized and started to lose weight on green tea. It was until then, our passion for tea escalated.

We would try any and every type of tea. Teas we didn’t even think existed. We started off with tea bags and found the flavor was very weak. No matter how long we let it steep…it just didn’t have a robust taste. We found loose leaf tea and the rest was history. It was a whole different world for us. Loose tea has many benefits which include building immunity, reducing stress, antioxidants and the best part is you get the full essential oils from the tea leaf.

That’s when we decided to open this business and make it known that loose tea helped us first hand. Lots of research went into our business and many sleepless nights. We think it is important for you to know that we absolutely care about our customers and would do anything to help them make the most important purchase of their life. Because nowadays its hard to stay on track with diets and exercise. But starting with tea in your daily routine is absolutely crucial.

The name we chose for our business is very sentimental to us. Vitality means the power to live or grow. We thought it was perfect. Each day you drink tea, means one step closer to living and growing to a healthier you.

We have everything for you to choose from on our website. Delicious loose teas, beautiful teaware, natural rock sugars, honey and we just recently added our tea for cures category. That’s right! Tea has been proven to prevent certain diseases. Dr. Oz mentioned drinking black tea to prevent Diabetes, white tea to prevent Colon Cancer and green tea to prevent Alzheimer’s. To read more on this interesting article, check out Teas to Fight Disease.

At TeaVitality, we are accepting requests from any and all charities that are looking for sponsors. We have two charities we are working with right now as we speak. Villalobos Rescue Center (As seen on Animal Planet) and Feed and Find Homes For Abandoned Animals – Paypal: Not too long ago, we donated a gift basket of our favorite teas for the Diabetes Dance Marathon.

But enough about us, we would like to know more about you. We would like to know your story and how loose leaf tea has changed your life. Share your story with us today and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to Contact Us. At TeaVitality, it is all about you, the avid tea drinkers. Live and grow with every cup…